Registered & Protected NTC Points and Portfolio Building: New Ways of Accruing CPD Points & FAQs and all you need to know about GES PLC APP

NTC Points and Portfolio Building: New Ways of Accruing CPD Points & FAQs and all you need to know about GES PLC APP


 NTC Points Building: New Ways of Accruing CPD Points & FAQs 

The National Teaching Council (NTC) via the 2023 First Quarter online dialogue series has disclosed the new ways through which CPD points will be built by teaching and non-teaching staff of the Ghana Education Service (GES).

The discussion led by the Deputy Registrar, Operations, Mr. Lawrence Sarpong, and Heads of Department at the NTC indicated that the council together with other relevant stakeholders of education has made new changes to how CPD points are accrued. The following questions were answered;

How many CPD Points is a teaching or non-teaching staff accrue in a year?

According to the NTC’s new policy, a teaching or non-teaching staff must accrue 20 points annually regardless of rank. This means that in a period of three years, the individual must accrue 60 CPD points to be able to qualify for licensed renewal. The old method of accumulating points has therefore been abolished. 60% of the Points which is 12 CPD Points would be awarded by the employer.

How does one Get these CPD points?

To get these points, teachers have to Participate in Profesional Learning Community (PLC) and National CPD Day activities.

How will Basic School Teachers Accumulate CPD Points?

Teachers in Basic Schools who are currently running the three terms will accumulate 2 CPD Points from PLC meetings each term making 6 CPD points in total for the three terms in the year.

Again basic school teachers are to obtain 2 CPD Points each term from each CPD Day in the year which will also give them a total of 6 Points.

in conclusion, 6 CPD points from school or district PLC activities and 6 CPD from your participation in National CPD Day activities. Thus 4×3=12.

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How will Teachers in SHS Semester School build CPD Points?

For teachers in the SHS Schools running the semester systems, they are to obtain 2 CPD PLC Points at the beginning of the semester, Mid-Semester, and End of the semester for the semester making a total of 6 CPD points at the end.

Also, the same procedure applies to semester two which will also be 6. A Total of 12 CPD points must be accumulated for the year with the semester system.

Mandatory Training

The PLC and CPD Day Points are Mandatory Points to be accumulated.

Recommended Training

The 40 % of the CPD points which is 8 CPD Points would be initiated by the teachers themselves.

With this, you can do other professional courses(eg. online courses) within the year and get a total of 4 CPD points or contact CPD service providers who run courses that will give you 4 CPD points.

Thus the external points make a total of 8 CPD Points.


Within the year,

Mandatory Training = 12 CPD points to be obtained

Recommended Training = 8 CPD points from here making a total of 20 CPD points being talked of.

What will happen to the already accrued CPD points?

According to the NTC, already accrued points will not be squashed. Yearly points accrued will be aligned with qualification for Promotion as spelled out in the collective agreement.

Some teachers currently may have more than the 20 CPD Points, what the council would do is obtain the 20 Points out of the accumulated ones and may roll over the other accumulated points provided they meet the criteria.

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What is the eligibility for NTC license Renewal?

Eligibility for NTC license renewal will be based on CPD points accrued plus Marks obtained from Portfolio Assessment as well as how well the Teacher observes Prescribed Teaching Standards. The will be ascertained through inspection by NTC Officials which will commence soon.

How can I lodge a complaint to the National Teaching Council (NTC)?

Individuals who wish to lay complaints can do so by lodging them on any of the Council’s social media platforms, especially, Twitter and Facebook

What is the Essence of the Portfolio Development System?

The portfolio development system is serving as a record portal for the teacher which can be accessed by anyone from other agencies. The council is now working to separate the rubrics of the teacher in the classroom from the teacher in the administration.

Why CPD point building?

The Points Building is very important as it builds teachers up professionally, Ghana has also been selected as one of the countries the UK and the USA pulls teachers from, mostly teachers seeking admissions or seeking to teach outside or in these countries are required to bring transcripts of CPD Points accumulated.

This is because the standard set by NTC in Ghana is fully accepted internationally. The point Building helps teachers to be abreast with current trends in Education and maintain the International Standard of Teaching. In some instances, other foreign teachers are engaged to help here due to the standards set.

Consequences of not building CPD Points

The NTC standard and compliance team will start visits very soon to make sure all teachers comply with point building and standards of teaching.

Portfolio accessors would also come around to ensure teachers are within the Standard or compliance before being allowed to pay to renew their license.

How much does a CPD point-building workshop cost?

The NTC has regulated the prices of all workshops. Any face-to-face workshop approved by the NTC must not exceed Ghc 75.00 and online workshops must not exceed Ghc 25.00.

Is it compulsory to attend CPD Workshops?

According to the NTC, no one must force any individual to attend or do any course but rather the person must do it when he/she is ready and must meet the 20 Points target when validated.

Can District Directors Award CPD Points?

District Directors were not aware they were to give or credit CPD Points. MMD Directors are trained each year on how to give CPD Points and hence are aware and fully equipped to give CPD Points.

What is GES PLC App?

The GES PLC app is an online platform where all professional learning activities within each school will be recorded and sent to the stakeholders concerned for monitoring and evaluation.

As the GES has developed the CPD APPs the Council is in talks with the unions and other stakeholders to integrate the PLC data into the Council’s system where all data about the teacher and PLCs taken can be directly obtained.

What should I do if my NTC CPD Points have been wrongfully Deducted?

The National Teaching Council has updated its system where wrongly awarded CPD Points are deducted from the system.

However, if an individual thinks he/she has been wrongfully deducted kindly send the council an email via with your

  1. Full Name
  2. License Number
  3. Training title

Also, If your rank is not updated, send a message to the NTC and it will be rectified when the necessary documents are added like the letter that shows you are on the rank, request will be made at the GES to verify before placing you on the Rank.

Is the Registered Number the same as NTC Number?

On the Issue of those given Registered numbers and NTC Numbers, your license number is now your NTC Number which starts with the PT if you’re asked to quote your registered number or NTC number kindly quote the one that starts with the PT.

Wil promotion to the next rank based on points building?

Very soon promotion of teaching and non-teaching staff within the GES to the next rank will depend on points and license renewal.

What is the Structure of the GTLE?

The Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) has been restructured. The Licensure Exams will be conducted according to the Level of Employment (early childhood, Primary School, JHS, and SHS beginning Teachers will have different exams structures).

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